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Rings is a visual novel about a girl, Ivy, looking for her mother while questioning their relationship. During her journey, she encounters several people trapped in bad relationship cycles, and by setting them in the right direction, she develops the tools she needs to approach her mother.

 It has strong WLW and LGBT themes, as well as a lot of faeries, pinks, and purples. It features an entirely original soundtrack (available for download on Itch.io and to stream on Soundcloud, links below!) The choices you lead to several combinations of endings, and it changes the way Ivy views and addresses her relationship with her mother. It also changes her romantic relationship possibilities.

Please note: Emotional abuse is a strong theme in this game. There is also a major character who is strongly implied to literally eat people.

We hope you enjoy our game!

This game was produced during the Extra Credits Game Jame #3 in 100 hours, using the Ren’py engine.

OST Stream: https://soundcloud.com/fatalexit/sets/rings-original-soundtrack
OST Download: https://cilliancreates.itch.io/rings-ost


 Valentine Chopine 





Fatal Exit (CillianCreates)






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This is great. I guess jams really do work better with a team, huh? Took a little bit to get into, I'm not really sure why, but by the crocodile chapter I was thoroughly hooked, and I enjoyed the story immensely. The music's fantastic, the art is lovely but would be improved by a few more "mood" drawings of each character (e.g. angry, happy, suspicious, etc.).

Oh, and "seperate" should be "separate" (in "You're trying to seperate us, aren't you?").

Well, I got what I'm assuming is the worst ending my first time around. It felt pretty brutal. My second time around it went considerably better. If in-game mom can't accept me for who I am, forget her. At the risk of sounding a bit daft, I didn't realize what this game was actually about until the second time through. It made Alma's motivations feel more human, and made the ending I got the second time all the more poignant. I loved every part of this. Thanks for making it.

Very interesting.  The art and music were neat.  Nice use of public domain background images.  I've never played a narrative game before, so this was a new experience for me.  It'll take a while for me to process it.  I have no sense of which decisions did or didn't impact the story, but it all seemed fairly smooth, so good job on the writing, too.  I only spotted one minor typo, (an "and" that should have been "an", if I remember correctly), which is pretty good for so much text.  Very cool character design.  It'd be neat to see what you could come up with in a longer form game of similar genre. :)

Absolutely gorgeous music and art, really love the style you went with. Really liked the story and the world. Some more dialogue choices would've been nice but i understand that this is a game jam game and just the game you managed to pull off is amazing. Dont have much more to say, it was an overall enjoyable experience :D

You should all be really proud of your work :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Had it been within scope, I would've loved to add more dialogue and romance paths, and more decisions with consequences, but alas. I'm very proud of what my team did accomplish given the short time frame :) 

Thought this was a romance game based on the horror movies. LMAO

OH haha. I can see where you made the mistake. nope, i named it rings for a few other reasons, but i'd totally play your version LMAO

It could be the sequel. Have this be a prequel to the  horror movies. LMAO