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This is great. I guess jams really do work better with a team, huh? Took a little bit to get into, I'm not really sure why, but by the crocodile chapter I was thoroughly hooked, and I enjoyed the story immensely. The music's fantastic, the art is lovely but would be improved by a few more "mood" drawings of each character (e.g. angry, happy, suspicious, etc.).

Oh, and "seperate" should be "separate" (in "You're trying to seperate us, aren't you?").

Well, I got what I'm assuming is the worst ending my first time around. It felt pretty brutal. My second time around it went considerably better. If in-game mom can't accept me for who I am, forget her. At the risk of sounding a bit daft, I didn't realize what this game was actually about until the second time through. It made Alma's motivations feel more human, and made the ending I got the second time all the more poignant. I loved every part of this. Thanks for making it.

Very interesting.  The art and music were neat.  Nice use of public domain background images.  I've never played a narrative game before, so this was a new experience for me.  It'll take a while for me to process it.  I have no sense of which decisions did or didn't impact the story, but it all seemed fairly smooth, so good job on the writing, too.  I only spotted one minor typo, (an "and" that should have been "an", if I remember correctly), which is pretty good for so much text.  Very cool character design.  It'd be neat to see what you could come up with in a longer form game of similar genre. :)

Absolutely gorgeous music and art, really love the style you went with. Really liked the story and the world. Some more dialogue choices would've been nice but i understand that this is a game jam game and just the game you managed to pull off is amazing. Dont have much more to say, it was an overall enjoyable experience :D

You should all be really proud of your work :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Had it been within scope, I would've loved to add more dialogue and romance paths, and more decisions with consequences, but alas. I'm very proud of what my team did accomplish given the short time frame :) 

Thought this was a romance game based on the horror movies. LMAO

OH haha. I can see where you made the mistake. nope, i named it rings for a few other reasons, but i'd totally play your version LMAO

It could be the sequel. Have this be a prequel to the  horror movies. LMAO